Hi there! I’m Holly and I am so thrilled you are here! I am Oak Harbors Motherhood Photographer. I have two wild boys who keep me on my toes 24/7 and I am married to an amazing husband who serves his time as a first responder/firefighter.

I was born and raised in the Santa Cruz Bay Area of California, and have always had a deep connection with water. Whether it’s swimming or even just being near the coast, I find calmness and inspiration in its vastness and beauty.

I am extremely passionate about motherhood and adore documenting the raw and intimate, whether it’s your bump underwater, in the sun (or even the rain), the birth of your baby, or an empowering motherhood story with an artistic and creative twist.

My photography style is unique and maybe a bit different from what you have seen. I like to think of my style as fine art, poetic and raw. I never follow the rules (specifically for photography) and am always trying something new. I view my camera as an extension and a tool I use to create my unique art. I am my biggest critic when it comes to the galleries I create, but I pour my love into each and every one.

- Holly


Holly Cordova, the Motherhood Photographer for Oak Harbor

“Fucking iconic! These pictures made me cry. Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable and allowing me to be vulnerable.”